Guiding Principles

1. Meditate in the right way i.e., Anapanasati .. and teach everyone the same Anapanasati. No difficult asanas and pranayama methods.
2. Read right spiritual books .. i.e., Books by Osho, Lobsang Rampa, Castaneda, Jane Roberts, Annie Besant, Linda Goodman, Deepak Chopra, Sylvia Browne, Torkom Saraydarian, Yogananda Paramahamsa etc., etc.
3. Exchange meditational / spiritual experiences with everyone who is interested.
4. Spend much time every day in silence; worldly gossip is absolutely forbidden.
5. Utilize full-moon nights for intensive meditation.
6. Utilize Pyramid Energy for Meditation, as much as possible.
7. Give-up psychological dependence on medicines .. only meditational energy heals.
8. No meat .. no fish .. no eggs. Be vegetarian. Eat according only to need.
9. Spend much time in pure nature .. e.g., forests, meadows, river banks and mountains etc.
10. No ‘ spiritual ’ clothing .. no ‘ sacred ’ body-marks .. no rituals.
11. Impart meditation training to children, right from their early child-hood.
12. Learn to live as masters and never as disciples.
13. Reject money exchanges in meditation-training programs.
14. No worship of idols ; no worship of Living Masters.
15. Overcome personal problems using own meditational strength.
16. Enjoy normal family lives .. no sanyasa or renunciation.
17. Establish Pyramid Meditation Centers in all villages, towns and cities.
18. Publish meditational experiences and personal spiritual transformation.

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