Vision, Mission & Goals


To empower every Marathi speaking individual through meditation, vegetarianism and pyramid power



To Conduct Meditation Sessions for Groups
To Establish Pyramid Meditation Centers
To Construct Pyramids for Spiritual Progress and Healing
To provide Educational Materials like Magazines, Books, NewsLetters and Brochures
To organize scientific events on various domains of Spirituality and Self Empowerment



1. To establish 100 Pyramid Meditation centres in Pune by 2020
2. To Construct a Grand Pyramid for Meditation in every district in Maharashtra by 2030
3. To Conduct Mega Event for more than 5 days with tens of thousands of Spiritual Seekers every year in Maharashtra
4. To translate all the books written by Brahmarshi Patriji into Marathi
5. To have 5000 subscriptions for DhyanMaharshtra Magazine by 2020

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